Ahmed Yahya Ali

Mississauga, Ontario

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a recent MSc Sports Analytics graduate from Loughborough University London. I am passionate about the application of data (AI) to help organizations gain a competitive advantage. I am looking for opportunities in data analysis/science.


MSc. Sport Analytics & Technologies w/ Distinction | Loughborough University London 

  • Relevant Courses:
    • Principles of Data Science
    • Advanced Data Science

Hons. Bachelors of Kinesiology | University of Toronto

  • Relevant Courses:
    • Research Design, Evaluation and Statistics


Iterpro | Product Development Intern
A revolutionary football team management platform that connects people, integrates data from every football club’s department and turns them into actionable insights.

  • Assisted on the research & development by providing features through design thinking and testing the in-house software/ device (A/B testing)
  • Analyzed the market to review the company’s market opportunities and current used technologies

Two Circles | Client Analyst Intern
A sports marketing agency that uses data to grow direct relationships with sports and fans

  • Interned as part of a Loughborough University London team to analyse the European digital advertising of the NFL GamePass for the 2019/20 season
  • Analysed and evaluated data about customer profile and purchases based on subscriptions plan
  • Provided future recommendations for the digital advertising campaigns spanning creative, audience, location targeting, channel mix and budgeting

Sports Interactive | Student Consultant
The world’s leading developer of football management simulations through its best-selling Football Manager series of multi-platform video games.

  • Interned as part of Loughborough University London cohort to help develop new commercial opportunities (through new avenues or partnerships) for their football data
  • Performed research on the impact of data on the sports analytics industry and the company’s competitors
  • Developed strong relationships with potential business clients (both start-up and commercial companies)
  • Developed an idea from scratch for a potential partnership and created effective business plan
  • Presented finalized plan to Sports Interactive executives 


Premier League Club x Loughborough University London | Student Researcher

  • Conducted a Dissertation Project in the field of sports analytics – “Player & Team
  • Movement Predictive Models in Football”
  • Performed a literature review on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of sport analytics
  • – where knowledge gaps where established.
  • Developed the Neural Network model with spatiotemporal data provided by a Premier
  • League Clubs Academy teams (NDA signed).
  • Analysed, tested and critically assessed the model performance to develop and share
  • conclusions (paper)

University of Toronto | Research Candidate

  • Conducted Research Project in the field of sports analytics – “The End of Possession
  • Soccer?”
  • Performed a literature review on the field of sport analytics, from which I formed my research question
  • Developed the methods and variables to answer research question and collected data
  • Watched and annotated key events in soccer matches (data collection)
  • Quantified, analyzed and critically assessed the data to develop and share conclusions
  • (paper and presentation)


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