Dina Al-Madhoun

Dina Al-Madhoun

Montréal - Québec

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Master of Arts / MA Educational Leadership McGill University
Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Business Administration KAU


Researcher School of Continuing Studies I have conducted my research in the McGill University School of Continuing Studies hospital training program, particularly in an English as a Second Language (ESL) class, which consisted of adult medical professionals who came from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. This has granted me the opportunity to enhance my skills in the context of second language education, particularly for adult students.
Organizer ÉCOLE DE ÉTIQUETTE INC. As a self-starter and highly motivated educator, I have registered my own School of Etiquette in Montreal, Canada. Successfully, I have been able to develop and manage different workshops in etiquette and modern manners that are designed for different age groups in schools and community centers. The main goal of our workshops is to create an integral learning experience for young people by teaching them how to build effective and considerate relationships, respect people of different backgrounds and value equality between one-another, and be socially well-behaved individuals.
Global Education Influencer EDUCATION INFLUENCE Education Influence is a global company created to link teachers and educators who are influencing change in the educational system and curriculum from all around the world. I was privileged to be chosen as a global educational influencer, where my main role is to create a solid foundation for students and help educators across the world by granting access to resources for training and teaching, curriculum-planning and classroom management.
ECE Instructor CDI College I am thrilled to invest in the education of young individuals and to contribute to their growing knowledge as they take their first steps into their careers as educators.

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