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Meet Your Painting Consultant

‘Growing up in a fishing community in NFLD teaches you things.’ Calla’s upbringing not only taught her to be a do-it- yourselfer, but instilled a passion for homes rolling up her sleeves to bring out the best in them. After going to Dalhousie for a Degree in Commerce, Calla’s career always seemed to revolve around houses. She was always building, renovating, decorating or buying and selling them. As Owner and President of Distinctively Paint, she has a passion for helping people make their homes the best they can be.


‘No one thing you can do will have a bigger impact on your home than paint,’ she says. ‘So you have to make sure you do that part right.’


Degree in Commerce


Painters trained to work in your home because your home is not a construction site.

Friendly, clean cut Professional Painter Services

We clean up as we go – at the end of every day, as we clean up each room and especially at the end of the project.

We start and finish rooms & cabinet painting on the same day whenever possible.

Cabinets are painted using the same materials and process as new custom cabinets.
Distinctively Paint launched in 1998 as a little Mom and Pop business as faux finishing experts. In the beginning we didn’t paint walls in the traditional sense. The brush and roll process was left to someone else. It didn’t take long till the frustration with painters that didn’t fill properly or pole sand between coats inspired us to take on the task ourselves. Faux finishing provided a strict requirement for smooth, well painted walls as the glazing techniques would catch and smear at every imperfection.


Over the years, more than 20 now, our experience and reach grew. For a time, we promoted exterior painting. It was great to get out in the sun and work in the open air. However, Mother Nature wreaked havoc on project schedules. We now only do exterior work by special request for existing clients.

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