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engineering Freelancer

About me:

My name is Faith Lacey .

I'm very outgoing person. I love being part of a team. I love production and seeing the before and after. I love operating heavy equipment. Being a native women in the industry, gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Makes my dad proud. 


Went to school for medical esthetics to try and change up my career. Learned that I don't belong in that industry and I really do have a passion for operating equipment. May sound funny but I believe that is what I am on this planet. 


I have always been a Tom boy working in the garage with my dad learning how to fix vehicles or sleds or motor bikes. I've also learned and been around equipment as my dad has been a class 1 driver in the oilfield all his life. He had me driving standard before I was legal to have a driving license


I started my career at the age of 19 seriously operating rock truck, packer, scraper, water truck, tractor, truck and trailers. Ive also dabbled in training to be a class 1 driver like my dad. 

I have the ambition for learning. I am dedicated to try my best and push myself to be better. 

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