Harsha Sharma

Harsha Sharma

Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a keen, energetic womxn who is always looking forward to learning new transferable skills. I tend to do well in roles that need organizing and structure, which is why I am actively seeking roles in HR and administration. I am willing to start learning from scratch; what's more important to me, is that I grow my knowledge in the role.


I am a recent graduate with a bachelor's in Business Administration, a major in Human Resources Management, and a minor in Accounting. I also hold a B1 level DELF qualification in French from The Ministry of Education in France. 


I have had over four years of experience in hospitality/customer service. I've been in several leadership roles and volunteer positions to help and support the communities around me. I am currently working on a remote internship as a Business Administrator with an entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario.

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