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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am passionate, hard working and personable, with a passion for technology, team-work, and efficiency. I have experience an multiple fields, from esteemed restaurants as a head-chef, to writing excel macros to streamline repetitive tasks. I have a lifelong passion for learning and growing as a person and as an asset to any team. 


Studied Business - Project management, taking courses from Human resources, to marketing, to accounting. I have completed multiple courses on CodeAcademy, am a Windows Insider, and continue to learn more every day. 


Worked as a Head Chef and Restaurant Manager for 8+ years. I worked for an environmental consulting firm as an administrative assistant writing excel macros and functions to streamline repetitive tasks and and managing large data-sets, and provide pro-bono tech support on uncountable forums and online communities. I have am a Twitch Affiliate, creating and fun and inviting place to interact with people online, as well as owning/managing discord communities numbering in the hundreds of members. 

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