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Jacqueline Calisse

Toronto, Ontario

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About me:

I am a recent graduate student from the Ryerson University, Public Health & Safety program. Where I was able to learn Public Health Standards and Protocols, Public Health Regulations and applicable legislation. Currently, I am employed as a Student Public Health inspector for the Durham Regional Health Department where I was able to gain practical experience with respect to food safety, COVID-19, environmental health, communicable diseases, and disease and outbreak investigation. While working at the Durham Regional Health Department as well as, throughout the duration of my studies I have been employed at La Castile Steakhouse and Seafood restaurant, where I was hired to be a hostess. Two years ago I created an opportunity for myself to apply the theoretical knowledge learned in my courses to real life, by becoming their in house Food Safety Promoter. Where I was able to strengthen my teamwork skills and work along staff and the owners to apply new recommended changes and procedures. Throughout my time as a hostess I was able to work on my interpersonal skills by building strong relationships with customers as well as co-workers. While working as a waitress at The Open Cork Restaurant and Lounge I received Food Safety Training which allowed me the opportunity to see how Food Safety is applied first-hand in the field and common mistakes that are made during peak hours. During my time working as a Customer Service Representative at Hair Jazz Salon & Spa I was able to enhance my computer skills by working with multiple computer software’s when organizing each employees schedules and payroll. Working as a test shopper gave me the opportunity to enhance my note taking skills and learn to observe specific features and activities from the moment I stepped into the premises to when I met back with the Tabaco Enforcement Operator as well as, make detailed and descriptive notes in my black book about each premises I Test Shopped. I also was able to experience a court setting, where I was called to the stand to testify. During my studies at Ryerson University my oral and written communication skills were strengthened through research projects and presentations. While I have enjoyed these opportunities I would love the chance to dig much deeper in the food safety sector. 


Ryerson University, Public Health & Safety program, where I was able to learn Public Health Standards and Protocols, Public Health Regulations and applicable legislation.


Public Health Inspector, Student                                                                                                  May 2020 - Present 

Durham Region Health Department

  • Conducted routine inspections of food premises to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, to identify infractions and determine corrective actions 
  • Conducted COVID-19 compliance inspections and re-inspections to monitor adherence to regulatory standards
  • Promoted public health by educating operators on the Ontario Food Premises regulation and Reopening Ontario Act
  • Conducted inspections to ensure compliance with legislative requirements
  • Prepared reports on individual premises and region-wide developments, improvements and areas of focus

Food Safety Promoter/Hostess                                                                                                     July 2017 - Present 

La Castile Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant

  • Conducted regular inspections of the kitchen to identify deficiencies
  • Conducted continuous improvement to safety adherence by conducting regular health and food safety inspections and audits, as well as provided input into the implementation of subsequent action plans
  • Determined corrective actions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Developed and delivered health and safety learning solutions for management and employees, including instructor-led and e-learning, as well as on-the-job training
  • Provided support to management staff by communicating safety promotion plans, goals, objectives, measurements; and, fostered strong relationships with operations in order to gain commitment on initiatives

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