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London, Ontario


My resume - Copywriting, web content management

Need help telling your brand story? Let’s connect! · Summary: · I’ve supported the communication needs of industry leaders in the telecom, commercial real estate, banking and insurance sectors. · I provide the following copywriting services: · – Blogs/Articles · – Press releases ...

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tion booth in the call centre on Tuesday from
3:30-4:30pm or Wednesday from 2:00pm-3:00pm. We'll also be set up in the Galileo
Room on Thursday from 2:00pm-3:00pm and Friday 3:00pm-4.00pm.

th this week? Check out Careernet
opportunity (10408-0160).

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Please allow me to introduce myself

  · I put this video together a few years ago. It highlights some web creative I delivered during my time with Shaw, Cadillac Fairview and RBC. Tools I've used include PowerPoint, Canva and Photoshop. · Keeping your team informed and engaged is crucial to the success of your busi ...

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Poor internal communication can hurt your business

Poorly managed internal communications can lead to lower productivity, loss of morale and increased costs caused by staff turnover. · How can I help? By delivering authentic, actionable messaging that will get your message across and facilitate two-way dialogue. · Over the past 2 ...

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5 ways to improve team collaboration

Cultivating an environment where team members feel empowered and trusted is key to setting your team up for success. Effectively managing any conflicts within your team will ensure everyone remains engaged and invested. · 1.Identify and get in front of any issues. · To resolve a ...

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5 ways to improve your listening skills

Listening is every bit as important as speaking. People who give others the opportunity to be heard and understood earn their trust and loyalty. · 1. Be in the moment, stay in the moment. · Have you ever found yourself speaking to someone and noticed that they seem distracted by ...

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Tips for a productive home office

Here are a few tips to help you stay productive and healthy while working from home. · 1. Start with a clean slate. · Take everything off your desk. Only put back what you need, so you don’t end up completely buried in clutter. · 2. Keep it clean. · Wipe down all the items, such ...

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Preparing your workspace for post COVID

Just as health and safety were prime considerations for sending your employees home, their wellbeing must be kept top-of-mind when planning their return to the office. · Keeping your employees safe and in-the-know · If your workspace has been re-configured to accommodate social d ...

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5 ways to boost productivity

Simple but Effective Strategies for Increasing Your Productivity at Work · Making the most of your time in today’s always-connected world has never been more challenging. · 1. You’ve got mail! · Don’t allow your overflowing inbox to dictate how you’ll spend your day. Set aside ti ...

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5 tips to manage stress

The key to managing stress is finding positive, healthy outlets. Some people pursue hobbies such as gardening, music, or art. Others manage stress through meditation, yoga or exercise. · Here are five healthy techniques that have been shown to help reduce both short-term and long ...

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The key to effective communication? Keep it real!

One of my day-to-day tasks at RBC was managing “CB News”, a role-targeted newsfeed published on the retail banking group’s Intranet. Each news article answered a series of questions for the reader: · What’s the change?How will this change impact me and/or my client?What specific ...

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What exactly is a brand anyway?

McDonald’s Golden Arches, “You’re among friends at Boston Pizza”, Nike’s “Swoosh” logo. These are all examples of brands, right? Well, sort of. · The term “brand” is often misunderstood. An effective brand is much more than a logo or a clever catchphrase. · A brand expresses and ...

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