Joakim Norrby

Joakim Norrby

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality

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About me:

A freelance translator, originally from Sweden, working in translation English → Swedish. 

With a background in both federal government and education in culture I have an understanding of administrative language can provide cultural and historical knowledge if needed.


Linnaeus University 2009 

Cultural leadership, BA (Sweden)


Translation Consultant                       02/21 - Present

Binogi Studios Ltd - Halifax, Canada

Translation consultant for Binogi’s digital learning platform from Swedish to English. Tasks include:

  • Translation of documents in English and Swedish.
  • Check and correct grammatical and spelling errors in diverse documents.
  • Insure that the lesson plans is culturally accurate to prevent confusion from users


Art Curator                                                                   08/16 - 12/20

Stockholm University - Stockholm, Sweden

Responsible for Stockholm University’s art collections and curation. 

  • Managed all paper and digital documentation related to accessions, loans, transfers and other collections-related transactions.
  • Received, photographed, cataloged, researched and prepared art objects for display for the University's collection.
  • Moved and handled various types of artwork with exceptional care, following all set requirements from the Public Art Agency.
  • Assisted in planning, implementation and oversight of restoration projects.
  • Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins.
  • Created new communication methods via audio guides, tours and texts
  • Developed internal and external art collaborations


Desk Officer                                                                           08/14 - 08/16

Government Offices of Sweden - Stockholm, Sweden 

Responsible for managing art holdings, loans, and project-led art installations.

  • Applied advanced administrative and analytical skills in overseeing day-to-day operational activities.
  • Kept accounts and records current by actively pursuing error resolutions and independently correcting problems.
  • Aligned office departments and increased inter-department communication and data sharing by implementing new workflows.
  • Evaluated office documentation to check accuracy and complete missing pieces, avoiding delays and maximizing team productivity.


Art Educator                                                                09/09-08/14

The Museum of Modern Art - Stockholm, Sweden

Mediated the museum's collection and exhibitions for visitors and individual groups. 

  • Instructed groups to create art pieces of different themes, material and styles in the museum’s studio
  • Planned and implemented own thematic arrangements of tours and workshops for groups of 30 ppl
  • Executed training in art education for colleagues and interns


Museum Educator           06/09-09/12

Royal Court of Sweden - Rosendal, Ulriksdal, and Strömsholm Palace

Communicated time periods, styles and Swedish regents for national and international guests. Responsible for the safety and preservation of items of the Sweden’s Royal Court’s legacy.

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