Jonathan Blais

Jonathan Blais

Sicamous, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District

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About me:

Hi, since boyhood a deep love for the Church and for the word of God took root in my heart. Most of my professional experience has been in Mexico, where by His grace and mercy I have planted two churches, written a blog for six years, and founded a Bible College. My 34 year trek of ministry experience has taken me to Central America, Europe, and North America preaching in Churches, speaking at conferences and hosting a one-hour radio program for over seven years. A deep love for the Word of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit has brought me now to the final stage of my ministry, where I want to return to Canada and continue pastoring or serving in some capacity ministering the word and writing books in my spare time.


Bachelor of Ministries Degree, IMI Bible College and Seminary, 2001

Associate in Education, Monterrey Tech University, 1997

MBA(50%), Midwestern State University/ITESM, 1998 

Numerous Didactic & Pedagogic courses/certificates, Monterrey Tech University


Petroleum, Construction, Heavy Equipment, AB, CA                                          1983-1986

  • Engineered Homes Ltd., Housing construction, framing, assistant to supervisor to finalize homes for delivery.
  • CN, apprentice machinist.
  • Computalog Gearhart Ltd., apprentice heavy duty mechanic (1 year accredited)
  • S & T Drilling, Floor hand (Alberta)



Edmonton Foursquare Church, Edmonton, AB, CA                                            1986-1987

Assistant Pastor

  • Director of evangelism and evening Bible college program
  • Counseling patients at Alberta Hospital Forensic Psychiatry Program.
  • Work closely with Senior Pastor in many programs and general programs.
  • Conducted weekly mid-week adult theological teaching.


Monterrey Tech University, Campus Chihuahua, Mexico                                   1988 – 2001

Teacher/Instructor/Department Coordinator

  • Prepared, managed and taught L1 and ESL English language classes in Junior High, High School, and Undergraduate
  • Prepared, managed and taught World History classes in Junior High and High School
  • Increased junior high school ESL program from 70 to over 700 students.
  • Coordinator of Junior High L1 Language Arts programs, instructor recruitment, management, teacher training and program development and evaluation.
  • Coordinator of High School ESL English programs, instructor recruitment, management teacher training and program development and evaluation.
  • Identify individual talents of team members and help them to develop incorporate unique abilities, talents, training/education to promote growth of organization.
  • Designed and managed publicity through local media  and on campus public relations events.


Victory Church on the Rock A.R. (Iglesia Victoria en la Roca A.R.), City of Chihuahua, Mexico       

Founder & President                                                                                                1989 – present

  • Founded small Church in 1989 led Church to growth and legal registration with Federal Government of Mexico as Registered Religious Association.
  • Founded Bible College as registered Civil Association.
  • Designed Bible College curriculum programs for Bachelor in Ministries Degree (4 years).
  • Directed Church to achieve continued growth to membership of over 600.
  • Served as Senior Pastor of large growing Church, marriage counseling, teaching, church management.
  • Identify individual talents/gifts of team members and helped them to develop incorporate abilities, talents, training/education to promote growth of organization.
  • Managed legal and financial organizational responsibilities with corresponding governmental agencies.
  • Contracted and directed professional services, including civil and mechanical engineers, accountants, business administrators, psychologists; hosted Church mission teams from Canada & the USA.
  • Worked with local media to promote publicity and marketing, including highly successfully conducting live radio program in Spanish for over 7 years.
  • Pastoral & Church conference speaker: USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Wales UK, Scotland, Belize Central America
  • Wrote published BLOG 2016-present
  • Wrote published 2 books: The Words of this Life, Amazon, ASIN:B082WRY8BN
  • Profound mastery of doctrine/theology, read the Bible cover-to-cover 38 times, personal well-read and studied: Saint Augustine, Martine Luther, John Wesley, John Calvin, early Church fathers, dead sea scrolls, Alfred Edersheim, John Chrysostom, Orthodox Church Fathers 
  • Proficient musician, directed & developed worship teams, audio recording & production engineering experience, DAW editing, instuments: guitar, bass guitar, voice, 50+ yrs. live music play experience
  • Software: MS Office, WordPress, OBS Studio, Cakewalk DAW, Adobe Photoshop, Amazon Create


What kind of projects is Jonathan Blais looking for?

Pastoring, preaching, teaching the word of God and/or communicating it through printed and electronic media. My children have grown and live in Canada, and I would like to repatriate to the land of the leaf in Alberta, B.C. or Saskatchewan; and put the skills that I have required to work. All opportunities and locations will be carefully considered.

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