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About me:

I enjoy cooking, antique collecting, studying history, gaming, and tinkering with old vehicles. I strive to think in and out of the box to make my job and workplace both pleasant and professional. I describe my self as having an artistic personality, and have gone out my way to learn an excess of skills in all manner of departments and fields, to become Comfortable in Customer Care and quick problem solving, and most importantly, caring my own weight. I've worked hard to gain the trust of my coworkers and employers, and have been rewarded with being security over private property, trailers, exotic cars, as well as bar patrons, staff, and hotel property. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of new tasks and opportunities. 


Cardston High School - Class of 2014

 ProTect Security Staff Training (2016 now expired)


Security Experience:

  • Provided security for a large outdoor Recreational Vehicle sales and storage property
  • Demonstrated responsibility & trustworthiness as a ​Facility key holder
  • Checked ID’s and maintained a safe environment for customers, as a doorman
  • was responsible for monitoring staff dorm room living

Customer Service Experience:

  • Accurately communicated with customers, even when faced with language and cultural barriers
  • Work independently without consistent direction
  • Self-motivated to see projects through to completion
  • Creative problem-solving skills to ensure that customer needs are met
  • Made sure to constantly check with customers to see their needs were met

Mechanical & Construction Experience:

  • Designed and constructed elaborate sets and props for many theatre productions
  • Developed unique solar panel hinge system from scratch
  • Framed, hung drywall, taped and mudded, replaced roofing and insulation
  • Drove tractors, forklifts, front end loaders, trucks and trailers, RV’s with air brakes, tow trucks
  • Detailed and repaired recreational vehicles

Computer & Technical Experience:

  • Video production (writing, filming, editing)
  • IT specialist, Mac & PC troubleshooting
  • Sound and lighting design for large theatre productions

Automotive Experience:

  • Skilled and dependable with hands-on experience to perform service, diagnostics, and repairs on almost any vehicle
  • Contributed to repeat and referral business through strong problem-solving skills and commitment to top-quality workmanship, honesty, and excellent customer care
  • Passionate about workplace health and safety
  • Motivated to always train and gain knowledge of rapidly advancing automotive technologies
  • Repair experience includes: engines, drive trains, electrical system, tires, interior and body work

Kitchen & Cooking Experience:

  • Prepared ingredients, meals, desserts, and kept the line, as well as the bar, well stocked
  • Kept my stations and utensils clean, sanitary and ready for work
  • Was responsible for training new employees
  • Quickly washed dishes with machines or by hand


Places of employment & operating position:

  • Line Cook - Backstreet Pub & Pizza (South), Lethbridge, AB
  • Line Cook - Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort, Waterton, AB
  • Prep/Line Cook & Bar Security - Thirsty Bear Kitchen & Bar (& Lakeside Chophouse), Waterton, AB
  • Line Cook and Server - 49 Degrees North Pizza, Waterton, AB
  • Dishwasher - Trappers, Waterton, AB
  • RV Apprentice Technician & Nighttime Security - Skyline RV, Lethbridge, AB
  • Smoothie Artist - Booster Juice, Lethbridge, AB
  • Delivery Driver - Papa John’s, Lethbridge, AB
  • Service Attendant - Fas Gas, Cardston, AB
  • Dishwasher and Cook - Pizzas & Cream, Cardston, AB
  • Labourer - E3 Contracting, Cardston, AB
  • Performer & Backstage Crew - Cardston Community Theatre, Cardston, AB

Volunteer work:

  • Cardston Community Theatre
  • Scouting – Chief Scout Recipient
  • Lethbridge StreetWheelers Club Member


  • Sultan Sulley - Head of security  - Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa: (403) 809-6261
  • Dave Formosa - Head Chef - Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort: (587) 257-7799
  • Holly Cahoon - Security Guard - Paladin Security: (403) 394-4656
  • Brain Vandenberg - Owner - Skyline Travel Centre: (403) 331-9229
  • Shameer Suleman - Owner - Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa:
  • Carrie little - Director - Cardston community theatre

To Whom It May Concern:

I consider it a pleasure to write a letter of reference for Lucas. It was my privilege to direct him in the theatre production “The Pirates of Penzance” and to have worked with him on other community projects. Lucas is a strong asset to the projects he is involved in. 

Lucas has a positive attitude and works well with a group. He learns quickly and is willing to help others succeed. He is creative and has good instincts for what needs to be done. I have observed that he is friendly, outgoing and has the ability to work hard to accomplish a task. He takes direction well and although he is eager to contribute he respects authority. It is important for Lucas to be of value and he will strive to go the extra mile to make something a success.

I believe Lucas can be successful at anything he seeks to accomplish. 

Yours truly,   -Carrie Little.

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