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Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District

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engineering Freelancer

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Marc Tacchi Web Design in Vancouver Canada - Ensures that for a functional website it is necessary to know how to include texts, insert images, voice files, videos, graphics, animations and even games. It is very important that you have the collaboration of the editors, the marketing department or the public relations of the company.


Marc Tacchi Web designer based in Vancouver Canada ensures that they do their work in different stages of development, and they should master the arts of SEO. Take care of optimizing the content with the appropriate keywords that favor positioning


Marc Tacchi Web designer in Vancouver Canada, as well as website designer, is in charge of intermediating in the hiring or management of domain reservation and hosting services. Troubleshoot issues that may arise from page response (WPO) on the server. And make backups or backup copies of files preventing possible falls or data deletion.

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-Web Design Canada

-Web Designer 

-Web Development

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