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Margaret Atkinson

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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About me:

My name is Margaret Atkinson. I am a recent graduate from the University of Guelph in Environmental Sciences. I am committed and an extremely reliable employee, as well I am passionate about the environment. I love learning new skills and gaining new knowledge and therefore I am always up for a challenge and I will always rise to the occasion. 

With two years internship experience on the agricultural research development team with the chemical company BASF and redesigning an online geology course with the University of Guelph I am an ideal candidate for your company. I am a versatile and a quick learner so I am always ready to gain new knowledge. 


Graduated with distinction in 2021 from the University of Guelph in Environmental Sciences


Two years experience as a research intern at BASF a chemical company working in the agricultural sector on a pesticide research farm. 

Intern with the University of Guelph to help redesign an online geology course.

Tree planter for two seasons in Northern Ontario

What kind of projects is Margaret Atkinson looking for?

As an Environmental Scientist, I have been prepared in the field of ecosystem science and environmental assessment with emphasis on the environmental sustainability, conservation, and field work. Specific classes taken over the course of my degree have allowed me to become educated and knowledgeable within the environmental sector as well gaining strong skills in wildlife identification, ecological land classification, aquatic assessment as well as soil and water sampling. 

The knowledge and experience that I have received through the BASF research team in 2020 and 2021 has broadened my skills and understanding within the environmental and agricultural field. This includes knowledge about research development, product development within a research farm as well as environmental assessment.  The research farm at BASF included over 100 agricultural pesticide trials in a four-month period. I worked with environmental chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and adjuvants to understand the group numbers and the effect on the environment, field crops, weeds, and insects. As well developing understanding in the handling, production, and mixing of toxic chemicals within a laboratory as well as out in the environmental field. This has led me to gain direct understanding in research methodology and produce high quality results through data collection and analysis. 

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