Mauricio Bianchi M

Mauricio Bianchi

Edmonton, Alberta

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About me:

In order to introduce myself to the BEEKEEPER position, he told me, I am Mauricio German Bianchi Sanguinetti, 48 years old, I was born in Uruguay to an Italian family. I am a third generation of beekeepers and I prune more than 40 years living with bees.

In addition to working all my life in the family business of 3000 hives, I have a University degree in Genetics, Nutrition and Health of bees. I have studies and experience in the breeding of queen bees (producing 5000 queens per year).

In Uruguay, in addition to specific work on bees, I produce and produce products that increase the nutrition of bees and also make products that attack Varroa (organic, Oxalic and Glycerin).

I have advised beekeeping companies in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Canada. I already have 3 years of experience in Canadian beekeeping working in British Columbia (Blueberry pollination) and in Alberta in honey production.

Thanks to the health and nutritional products that I manufacture, I have managed to reduce varroa to 0% and the annual mortality of hives to 10%.

I am a specialist in beehive multiplication processes, nuclei formation, package development and others.

I worked for 15 years in the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay conducting environmental monitoring with bees, detecting and creating remote production control systems.

I currently live in Serwood Park with my wife and 2 children, my current position for 18 months is beekeeper manager.


Mauricio Bianchi

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