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Planning for a future in medicine?

MedApplications has a complete range of services to help you get there.


MedApplications provides expertise and consulting services to those currently in or seeking to join the medical field. We offer medical school consulting services for Canadian, U.S., and international applicants. Our interview preparation process readies you for MMI, panel, and MPI medical interviews. We also offer mock CASPer® simulations and workshops that are designed to help you ace this pre-screening component.


We at MedApplications offers everything you need to get into the medical school of your dreams with a 100% money-back guarantee. Get matched with real doctors, receive expert coaching, and test simulations. We are the leading provider of medical school admissions preparation in North America for high school and university applicants. Our experts help guide you through application, interview, CASPer®, and residency matching process. Visit our official website to get more info.

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