Mehdi Majdi Yazdi M

Mehdi Majdi Yazdi

Calgary, Alberta

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Highly educated and accomplished petroleum engineer with over 15 years of work experience in various positions in the oil and gas industry. Augmented theoretical knowledge through practical work with operator and service companies in the Middle East and Canada to develop a versatile skillset. Conferred with geology and engineering teams and helped solve problems and streamline workflows for tight, heavy oil and conventional assets. Effectively directed multi-disciplinary complex projects through teamwork and innovative thinking, communicated the vetted results to managements and helped companies unlock reserves potentials, and maximize revenues by proposing optimal development plans and appropriate recovery processes.


Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

Research topic: Screening geostatistical realizations for SAGD reservoir simulation

Supervisor: Jerry L. Jensen


Integrated reservoir characterization & modeling
Simulation of EOR & thermal recovery processes
Reserve estimation and economic evaluation 
Petrophysical and geostatistical data analyses
Optimal hydraulic fracture design for tight plays
Hydrocarbon fluid analysis and EOS tuning 
Analytical production data interpretation 
Wellbore and completion design 

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