I'm a sales enablement & video marketing SAAScritter by day and by night I'm a freelance writer bringing humor and English to bland corporate Dilbertspeak. I'm an IT geekette who loves storytelling. What's your story? I can help!


Services offered

  • Freelance writing, blogging, content generation

    - Don't have time to update your corporate blog or generate other web site content? I can create engaging, informative content with a *subtle* marketing message and more thorough research than you have time for.
    - You do have time to blog but you hate doing it and always post the same old stuff? I can make your true value differentiators and client successes *shine* with a more relateable, engaging style. If you're not afraid of humour or positive controversy, drop me a message.
    - My background is 20+ years in IT sales and business development covering systems integration/VAR, telecom, SAAS software, and professional services. Most recently I come from a governance, risk and compliance environment.

  • Enhanced machine translation

    At Yappn, we provide automatic website, social media wall and customer care machine translation with human post-editing. You can see how the technology works at www.yappn.com/the-technology.


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  • English Native

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