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Peacefull Music

Montréal, Montréal

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About me:

We are Peacefull.

A Canadian Rock Band from Montreal.

We released our debut album, Peacefull, on June 1st, 2020.


Peacefull is :

Gypsy ” Guillaume Lehoux on vocals, guitar, and piano.

Carlos ” Carl Mercier on bass.

Franky ” François Charest on guitar.

Nick ” Nickolas Paquin on drums.

Ben The Race ” Benoit Lacoursière as a collaborator on lead guitar.


Founding father Gypsy met Carlos. Then Nick who was working with Gypsy at the time, joined the band. 

Franky, who was already friends with Gypsy and Carlos, came in for jam sessions as a percussionist. He later on officially joined the band as a guitar player. 

A couple of years later, Ben, who already knew Nick and Gypsy from a previous formation, joined in as a collaborator with his crazy solos.


Trebas Institute, Montreal, Canada.

Vincent-d’Indy Music School, Montreal, Canada.


So far we have released 5 official music videos from the release, and 4 songs in strong rotation on radio, including :

  • Dreaming
  • The Shell
  • I Run
  • and The Queen

What kind of projects is Peacefull Music looking for?

To play around the world and spread our music. 

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