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About me:

I have 20 years of customer service experience. I thrive in high paced environments and  I am self-motivated, hard-working and strive to be an asset to my team. 

I come from a very diverse background both culturally and racially, I believe every person is equal and should be treated as such. 

 I worked in the service industry for many years but left due to social expectations. Moving from administrative to other types of professional jobs.  I found myself unhappy in those positions and I am looking to get back into the service industry as it was where I felt the most happiness in my work.

I look forward to speaking to you and I think you in advance for your consideration.

Santina Hart




My most relevant experience to this position is a bartender at the Palace in Halifax which is now closed where I spent two years working. making drinks and an incredibly busy environment for customers at the counter and servers delivering drinks to customers. 

Next to be my current position as a barista at Starbucks I currently work at the busiest Starbucks in Halifax. 

in between those jobs I have done various professional, Administrative, and other customer service jobs such as bank teller owning my own convenience store, And working as an administrative assistant in a confidential facility. 

I am quick to learn and pick up new skills easily.  


I completed a networking administration degree in 2003. I completed one year of a bachelor of arts at Dalhousie. Most recently this year in fact I completed a nail technology program at Eastern Esthetics where I received my certification. 

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