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sawgand nawrozi

Montréal, Montréal

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About me:


 I am currently looking for a job where I will be able to put in place few of my strongest element which is being really productive, being able to work on several files at the same time, very organized. I am definitely looking for a career where I can stabilize myself and grow into the company.


I have studied in computer science at Dawson a couple years back. I always been interested with the computer world and technology. 


I am currently for working as a Financial advisor for RBC for about three years. I am the first point of contact with client with it comes to their future goals and current finances. I mainly touch whats revolves around credit. I have the authority to allow credit and I do my due diligence when it comes to that. I make sure to give the right advice to my client and resolve their current financial problems. I've been working for RBC for about three years now. I did work for other companies before that such as Best Buy, Aldo, Loblaws and others. 

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