Thirumalai Dhanasekaran T

Thirumalai Dhanasekaran

Calgary, Alberta

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Looking for a part-time opportunity on weekends/evenings

• Available for any position with a positive spirit. 

• A very enthusiastic and active team player.

• Ability to meet and exceed all the customer services goals.

• Ability to work in retail environments and work under pressure.

• Able to develop, maintain and strengthen business relationships with clients.

• Sound interpersonal skills and have an ability to explain complex issues in a simple manner

• Recognized for exceptional problem solving and analysis abilities.

• Resourceful in the completion of projects on organized way, effective at multi-tasking.

• Strong leadership qualities able to take charge and complete tasks in a timely manner.

• Ability to communicate with users at all levels and provide the best customer service.


Educational qualification:

Present: Diploma in Power Engineering, SAIT, Calgary, Alberta (Fall 2021) – 1st Year

First Class with Honors in Diploma in Mechanical Engg from Board of Technical Education in Dec 2006. India



Summary of Experience:

                    Dedicated professional with 11 years of experience as field operator in Power & utilities (P&U) department. Operations of DM plant, Cooling Tower, Air Compressors, Fuel oil handling plant, High Pressure Boilers and ETP. Ability to handle the abnormal conditions of the plant by following safety measures. Active involvement during startup and shutdown process. Able to work in hazardous area with the help of PPE equipments. I am a hardworker, who loves to contribute the skills and experience for the growth of the company by offering acute ability to perform production processes in accordance to the company’s guidelines and following best practices. 


Work Experience: 





From:              22nd July 2013 to 9th August 2021

Position:          Power &Utilities Plant Operator


Worked as a field operator in Power and Utilities (P&U) Department - Operations of DM plant, Cooling Tower, Air Compressors, Fuel oil handling plant and Boilers.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Performed regular routine checks of all equipment and units to ensure that they are functioning properly in accordance with standard operating procedures and recording all relevant operating data on the log sheets.
  • Startup, shutdown and regular field operation of utility plants. 
  • Responsible to do the changes in the field as instructed by the panel officer for the safe and effective operation of the plant.
  • Preparation and handing over the equipment for inspection to the maintenance team as per the schedule.
  • Maintain log sheets and shift log book, daily report for the plant covering operating data, recording special occurrences during the shift such as operating upsets and equipments breakdown. Analyzing log data for abnormalities and acting accordingly.
  • Unloading of chemicals into tanks and carrying out chemical injection operation & chemical inventory in accordance with standing instructions.
  • Coordinate with Safety department during the periodical checking of Safety equipments.
  • Initiate and lead during firefighting or other emergency actions in the plant area until it is taken over by a higher authority.


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