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Translas is a Dutch manufacturer of welding guns since 1960. A company founded by welders, for welders with a passion for innovation and new technologies.Translas continually strives to engineer innovative products that boast a distinctive design, quality, and functionality.Welder’s safety is of paramount importance to Translas. 


The company’s goal is to globally reduce welders’ exposure to hazardous fumes and provide a healthier and safer work environment.Some of the pioneering products include extractor guns with a built-in module to safely extract welding fumes at the source and portable extraction units for high-performance extraction


Welding fumes contain vapours, a mixture of airborne gas by-products and fine particles. The composition of the mixture depends on the welding method and the products that are welded. The vapours and gases released during welding can lead to serious health problems. Short-term exposure can result in nausea, dizziness, or eye, nose, and throat irritation. 

Prolonged exposure is like inhaling ultra-fine metal dust which can lead to cancer of the lung, damage to the brain, and kidney damage. Certain gases, such as helium, carbon dioxide, and argon, displace oxygen and argon specifically posing suffocation risks in enclosed work areas. For this reason, Translas, a Dutch welding gun manufacturer, developed fume welding guns – 7XE, 8XE MIG, and 8TE TIG Extractors – that extract the welding fumes directly at the source up to 98.

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