Vidoshan Nanthakumar

Brampton, Ontario

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a hardworking, driven individual, I take my work seriously!


I am currently in my third year of Mechanical Engineering and Management at McMaster University.


I have developed excellent thinking, written and oral communication skills through my role as Team Leader at McDonalds and the Management Program, where I interacted with professionals and gained hands-on experience working as a team member. During my co-op placement, I would change truck tires daily, which weigh up to 80kg. I have also honed the ability to use basic hand tools to welding equipment learned through the regional program Truck and Coach Engineering. In this sector, I have worked on many engines, done self projects using heavy duty equipment and I have also gained WHMIS and GHC training. Furthermore, my engineering courses have allowed me to adapt to situations with time constraints and pressure while being able to prioritize the gym and a part time job. I have done various projects on Autodesk Inventor from using CAD to design a product for our client to completely remodelling a drone to reduce weight, creating new parts for better integrity, and adjusting the screw holes for more common sizes. Not only did this further refine my organizational skills, but it helped me to gain transferable skills for using other software such as SOLIDWORKS and NX, and the skills necessary in properly finishing the required task.

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