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Zolar Technology & Mfg. is a proud Canadian company specializing in Laser Dentistry products and services. We are a global leader in manufacturing minimally invasive photon dental laser diodes. Dentists use our diode lasers for pain-free dental procedures, such as surgical applications, therapy, pain management and aesthetics. No matter, where you are located, our aim is to provide dental surgeons with quality designed, next-gen dental lasers which are all precise and reliable.


Zolar Technologies tries to make the future according to the experts of the dental industry. By creating new generation products and making them mainstream, our goal is to become a world leader in dental laser products. Our team works so that Zolar can be the main brand that dentists choose with confidence to serve their customers. For our special offers, 


We provide more clinical value to dentists by improving the safety in dental procedures and the surgical outcomes using our advanced laser products. Learn more about the future of laser dentistry, consult our dental professionals at Zolartek.Zolar technology allows the dentist to do all the surgery related to soft tissue treatment with speed, ease, precision and complete perfection. Our laser products, Photon and Photon Plus, offer many new different functional features and customized programs to redefine dentistry.

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