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Where did the idea for the new beBee come from?

In the middle of the covid pandemic confinement, @Rafael García Romano · (my CMO and co-founder) and I realised that beBee should bring together all kinds of professional opportunities, not just the typical job ads, but both supply and demand, i.e. professionals offering local s ...

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YES, BILL STANKIEWICZ worked for Roy Warshawsky when I lived in Chicago. I remember when Roy would have his secretary iron his pants when he thought the crease did not look good, what a character. A great story of a time gone Icon:

JC whitney

JC Whitney: The Rise and Fall of an Automotive Icon

Regular readers of my Cars of a Lifetime series will know by now that I spent some time working for JC Whitney in Chicago. Given how deeply this brand is ingrained with US car culture, I figured I …

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Dream a new DREAM

“I dream of painting and then I paint my DREAM.” · – Vincent van Gogh · The older I get the greater I dream · The visions of youth are now dimly seen · How lovely it is though years have flown by · You’ve much to accomplish & things yet to try · Each day’s an adventure & much is ...

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Sign Up | LinkedIn

500 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

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Define tu nicho de mercado para triunfar en Internet

Encontrar tu nicho de mercado en Marketing digital es una de tus prioridades principales para aprovechar todo lo que te ofrece Internet para tu negocio. Google lo define como los productos, servicios o intereses que atraen a una pequeña parte de la población. A través de esta guí ...

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What to Do When Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Everybody talks about harnessing The Law of Attraction so it works in your favour, but let’s face it. Talk is cheap when your life is falling apart and you can’t seem to turn it around.  · You dutifully create vision boards and recite positive affirmations. You even stick notes o ...

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