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5 months ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 5

Royce Shook · It is interesting what you can find on the Net. US News and World Report do a yearly report on countries. They use a set of 73 country attributes – terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation. Various attributes and na ...

10 months ago

If you want to go far...

Graham🐝 Edwards ·

1 year ago

The Three Hats Of The Communications Business.
How Many Do You Wear?

Jim Murray · When I left the ad agency business, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (ie last century), I was, thanks to the creative people I worked with, the people who mentored me and the account guys I did freelance work for, a fair bit more than a copywriter. · This was very much part ...

1 year ago

Lessons in Teamwork: Winning Despite Trenchfoot, Leeches and Hunger

Jim Taggart · Many years ago, I watched Eco-Challenge 2000 on the Discovery Channel (a show that ran from 1995 to 2002), a fascinating event encompassing teamwork and leadership. This was my first experience watching Eco-Challenge, the highlights of which were broadcast over five evenings. I w ...

1 year ago

Constructive Conflict: Advice from the Mother of Modern Management

Jim Taggart · When we look back to the 20th Century and reflect on great leaders, whether leading nations, organizations or social movements, there’s a tendency to produce a list with mostly male names. However, when one attempts to create a list of who were the great management thinkers durin ...

1 year ago

10 Leadership Lessons to Succeed During Turbulent Change

Jim Taggart ·   · To say that the first two decades of the 21st Century have been packed with major change events is an understatement. From the now 20-year war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war and the contrived conditions for its prosecution by President G.W. Bush, the Occupy Wall Street movement ...

1 year ago

Insincerity vs. Authenticity

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I really despise insincerity in people. I'd rather someone were honestly rude and completely dismissive of me than ingenuine with me.  · We often hear people described in terms of their degree of authenticity. Being your authentic self is about accepting who you are and living wi ...

2 years ago

The Fine Art Of Surviving The Near Future.

Jim Murray · My son, who is one of the more pragmatic people in my life, came over today to drop some stuff off and have a bit of a chat. · We talked about a number of different things, and eventually the conversation got around to the Covid pandemic, which I call the Plague. · One of the tra ...

2 years ago

Six Enablers to Building Organizational Change Adaptability

Jim Taggart · Have you had enough? · Of change that is. · As 86 year-old American poet and author Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” · Angelou’s comment concisely sums up this post, where I’ll suggest six enablers to ...

2 years ago

We Beat Arsenal

CityVP Manjit · We beat Arsenal.  Did we beat Arsenal?  Spurs legend said "football is a funny old game" and while the result is a win, the question is how did Arsenal manage to cough this one up.  No matter what disaster has befallen Spurs this year, Spurs have not dominated any team to lose so ...

3 years ago

A Senior’s Guide to Stay Connected – Part 3

Royce Shook · If you know a senior who wants to learn to use social media videos, then send them the links so they can learn how to stay in touch with loved ones using their phones, tablets, iPads, laptop or desktop. · SERIES 3: TECH SAVVY SENIORS · The next series is called Tech Savvy Senior ...

3 years ago

CPC JANUARY 26: Star Trek: Picard; 9-1-1 Lone Star; The Witcher

Jim Murray · It’s ironic that the week after doing a column on how sad network series situation is that a couple of good ones would pop up there. · But there you go. TV, if nothing else, is a surprising medium. · Star Trek: Picard Thursdays on CTV Sci-Fi · I have been a Star Trek fan since t ...

3 years ago

Eight Tips to Help You Adapt to Continuous Change

Jim Taggart · Are you getting fed up or frustrated with continuous change? · Do you just want the world to stop, however briefly, to let you get a breather? · Have you thought about how to deal with the urgency mindset in your workplace? · Here are eight tips to help you adapt. · Tip #1 · Lear ...

4 years ago

Finding Your Own Rhythm...Some Suggestions

Jim Murray · The part of an ongoing series of posts called "Writing About Writing". Not very creative, but extremely clear. · I have been a writer since I was 17. · Bit by bit, over the years, as I got better at it, my writing expanded. Seven years after I started writing blank verse and weir ...

4 years ago

10 Ways to Get Your Staff to Respect You

Jim Taggart · Okay folks, a recent post looked at 10 Ways to Get Your Staff to Disrespect You. Today, we’re pulling a 180 and presenting how you, as a manager or leader, can get your staff to respect you. So let’s get rocking. · #10 – Get to know your staff and their families · This doesn’t me ...

4 years ago

Part 2. How Rhythm Relates To Happiness.

Jim Murray · This is the second installment in this series on happiness. If you are coming to it late, the first post can be viewed here: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jim-murray/the-dogged-relentless-pursuit-of-happiness-pt-1 · “The first lesson I learned in life is that no matter what you ...

4 years ago

10 Ways to Get Your Staff to Disrespect You

Jim Taggart · Your faithful correspondent of more than a decade on WordPress was in the workforce 35 years before retiring. During that time, in both the private and public sectors, plenty of bosses were encountered who had their own unique styles of managing. A few were excellent managerial l ...

4 years ago

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Renée 🐝 Cormier · As we wind down 2019 and ramp up for 2020, many of us feel compelled to somehow start fresh and do something different. We promise ourselves to quit things we know we should quit or to start doing things we know we should do. We may change for a couple of days, and then we slip b ...

4 years ago

Lose Your Baggage!

Renée 🐝 Cormier · No, this blog isn’t about travel. It’s about that emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around. We all accumulate it, but we don’t have to hold onto it. I know, some people get a certain amount of pleasure out of showing it off to everyone, like it’s got Gucci written all over i ...

4 years ago

MisAdventures in Mid-Life Dating: Coco, the epilogue and last WTF

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Many of you are curious about what happened between Coco and I. I'm somewhat surprised, frankly.  · I started this whole thing by being completely honest and blunt with the drama, melodrama, dark comedy, and, sometimes outright slapstick  comedy that is Mid-Life Dating from the M ...

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