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3 years ago

Las 10 principales tendencias de diseño de logotipos en 2021

Emily Timberstone · Caos y armonía, minimalismo y fuentes en negrita ... Esperamos que florezca una sorprendente variedad de técnicas de diseño emocionantes en 2021. El creador de logotipos Logaster ha elaborado una lista de las tendencias de diseño más populares para el próximo año. ¡Échale un vist ...

3 years ago

We Beat Arsenal

CityVP Manjit · We beat Arsenal.  Did we beat Arsenal?  Spurs legend said "football is a funny old game" and while the result is a win, the question is how did Arsenal manage to cough this one up.  No matter what disaster has befallen Spurs this year, Spurs have not dominated any team to lose so ...

4 years ago

Red Faced Tottenham

CityVP Manjit · Colchester sit 71 places below where Tottenham are with their respective leagues.  One can feel happy for the fans of Colchester to have something big to celebrate, a scalp that made the day for fans that could not believe that they had just knocked out the Champions League Runne ...

4 years ago

Why Didn't Arsenal Smash Spurs?

CityVP Manjit · Spurs did not answer the questions of concern and Arsenal created questions of concern regarding their defensive qualities.  Arsenal fans will be relieved to have come back from 0-2 deficit to tie the game, but this game should be viewed as a massive disappointment for any die ha ...

5 years ago

Choking at the Bridge Again

CityVP Manjit · Chelsea fans could have expected a total team melt down at Stamford Bridge today after the crazy happenings with the shenanigans near the end of the League Cup Final last week against Manchester City.  This should have been a wobbly and broken Chelsea team that Spurs play today, ...

5 years ago

What Tyson Fury Can Teach Tottenham

CityVP Manjit · With all pundits considering the present Tottenham team to be superior in talent to Arsenal, Saturday saw another coming down to Earth for all Tottenham fans as Arsenal blasted Spurs away with a 4-2 win.  The excuse given was that recent triumphs in the Champions League last Wedn ...

6 years ago


CityVP Manjit · Tottenham finish in the Top 3 again.  That is actually very good news for a Tottenham supporter because it means they have over-performed in the league in comparison to their wage structure, which should consistently place them out of a Champions League spot.  In the Champions Le ...

6 years ago

The North London Derby - Does it Matter?

CityVP Manjit · The North London Derby is a working class rivalry built up over a century of competition as to who the Kings of North London are.  It still stirs great rivalry today and for many decades it was the success of Arsenal vs the beautiful football of Tottenham.  For sure Arsenal have ...

7 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 29

CityVP Manjit · It is only a matter of coincidence and luck that I have timed my workout sessions with watching a record winning performance from my beloved Tottenham Hotspur.  Their 9th win today was the one that most Spurs fans have waited over two decades to see, to finish above our tradition ...

7 years ago

A Rooster of a Day !!!

CityVP Manjit · Today marks the arrival of the Year of the Rooster in China, as the Chinese celebrate their new year.  This means that twice this year on a New Years Day - Tottenham have claimed victory. · There is only one problem with today's victory, it stirs up a habit in Tottenham fans to a ...

7 years ago

Spurs start to become Stalemate Specialists

CityVP Manjit · It might have been another draw for Spurs but this one was finger-biting game which could have ended with a win for either side, though truly,  the net result based on overall play was very fair.  It was a result that will delight the impressive Liverpool, the efficient Chelsea a ...

7 years ago

Spurs Held to another Draw Yet Again

CityVP Manjit · Some say Spurs failure in their league title bid was due to the regular end of season collapse of a Pochettino trained team.  Year after year, the high press, all out game of Spurs coupled with one of the toughest training regiments have been a plus when players have out-competed ...

7 years ago

For Spurs There Will Be Days Like This

CityVP Manjit · Take one goalkeeper who ordinarily is considered good for one game playing at a world class level, a manager that considers victory as not losing and then add to that a defensive and highly physical formation that players hate playing against, then you have the typical West Brom ...

7 years ago

Two Years from the New Home

CityVP Manjit · Chairman Daniel Levy promises a state of the art Stadium for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.  Finally the construction on the project is finally under-away and for those who suggest that this should have been done years ago, there is much to learn from the Arsenal project to ens ...

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