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5 months ago

Christmas Eve

Royce Shook · We will be changing our Christmas Eve routine this year. My daughter is coming from Australia and part of her tradition is to have a Christmas meal with friends and family on Christmas Eve. · The reason is simple, it is very hot on Christmas day where she lives and so it is easie ...

1 year ago

From Gated communities to Intergenerational housing where to live after retirement 3

Royce Shook · Sorry for the week's delay in posting the last of this series. My family has been visiting from Australia so have been preoccupied · Several models of housing for older adults exist nationwide, together creating tiers for the delivery of care that can be used based on an individu ...

1 year ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 6

Royce Shook · When we're retired, we have a smaller world, bound by family and neighbours and limited activities. But we can still make a difference in our community, and in the people we love. · So, who are the absolute happiest people? The world's happiest countries, 2022 edition lists the t ...

1 year ago

Going back home

Royce Shook · "Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving." Terry Pratchett · I love the writings of Terry Pratchett, if you get a chance visit his website and read some great fantasy, but I wander from my theme today. · My best friend grew up in a small town and then mo ...

1 year ago

Trick or Treat

Royce Shook · Over the years we have had many fun evenings going out with the children trick or treating. · Now our children are grown and our only grandchild lives in · Australia so no more going out with the children. We now decorate the house with spooky ghosts and jack-o-lanterns and fill ...

2 years ago

Some Tips to help plan for retirement

Royce Shook · My daughter became an Australian citizen a few years ago so I tend to be interested in events down under and how they might affect my daughter's situation. She works and will retire in Australia, so when I came across this article in the Women’s Agenda I thought I would share. · ...

2 years ago

Pay off the Mortgage or not?

Royce Shook · There is a worldwide trend that is growing for those who are close to or who are retiring or retired. Between 1990 and 2015 the percentage of 55–64-year old’s who owned their home without a mortgage fell from 70 percent to 47 percent, During the same period, the percentage of tho ...

2 years ago

Ready or Not, Retirement is coming

Royce Shook · Are you ready for retirement? I thought I was, but I was not, and I went back to work for eight more years because I loved it and hoped to do it forever. But after eight years of full retirement, I love my job and I hope to do it forever (or at least another 19 years). · When I f ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this guy.? He’s the French President, and he’s really pissed right about now, because the US, England and Australia have made some kind of deal that gets Australia a couple of nuclear subs so that they can better defend their waters. The French guy is pissed because he had a ...

3 years ago

Australians with a sense of humour

Royce Shook ·  In the year 2020, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in Australia and said: · "Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me. Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans." · He ga ...

3 years ago

How many eggs do I have?

Royce Shook · A slightly different Halloween post. · I sometimes play games on Facebook even though I realize that they are used by Trolls to gather information. My cousin Becky put a puzzle on and I read it and responded with my answer, but I was wrong. Here is her puzzle, I suspect none of y ...

3 years ago

Easing into retirement

Royce Shook · Before I retired, I did not think too much about what retirement would mean. My wife after a profoundly serious brain operation and a year-long recovery decided to retire. She told me she was going to retire and so I put in my one-month notice so I would retire at the same time a ...

3 years ago

2 Ways to Deal with the Uncertainty of School Reopening

Royce Shook · My grandson in Australia has been out of school for a while as the lockdown in his State continues. My grandchildren in BC are going back to school when the numbers of COVID are increasing and anxiety is building in their parents and in us. How do we face and deal with the anxiet ...

4 years ago


Royce Shook · In the time of the Pandemic, we self-isolated or quarantined ourselves, which we needed to do. My question is how did you spend your day. I found that my routine did not change that much, and in some ways, I found that comforting and daunting.  · I wake up at 8:17 to the alarm, w ...

4 years ago

Do you take care of your grandkids?

Royce Shook · I have a friend that spends an inordinate, I think, time looking after is grandchildren not just from one of his children but both of them. He does not complain but sometimes he says he is tired and doesn’t know why. He attributes it to be older and to not being in good shape. I ...

4 years ago

DR. HOOK: Cover to Cover

Dominique 🐝 Petersen · The Rooftop Singers were an American progressive folk-singing trio in the early 1960s, best known for the hit "Walk Right In". The group was composed of Erik Darling and Bill Svanoe (vocals, guitar) with former jazz singer Lynne Taylor (vocals). · Darling put the group together i ...

4 years ago

Pedestrian safety.

Royce Shook · One difference between my Aussie family and me is our understanding of the role of pedestrians and drivers. In BC when a pedestrian approaches a highway at a crosswalk they first look to the left, then the right and then to the left again before crossing the street. The assumptio ...

4 years ago

Bush Fires in Australia

Royce Shook · There has been a lot of news lately about the weather in Australia and the devastation caused by the fires, in some states in the country. The danger of wildfires cannot be understated, but the resilience of the Australian people is amazing. · We spent most of our holiday in the ...

4 years ago


Royce Shook · We left for Australia and arrived two days later I love the idea of travelling forward in time but the 14 hours on the plane were not pleasant. Not bad, but still if one was claustrophobic the trip would have been hell. When we arrived, we had little trouble getting our car. · My ...

4 years ago

Car rental woes.

Royce Shook · Over the past months, we have been planning our trip to Australia for Christmas, while we were planning, my daughter let me know that a friend of hers had a car that we could use. She said she would pick us up at the airport and we would have the use of the car for our time in Au ...

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