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3 months ago

Ode to a golf ball

Royce Shook · My thanks to George and the original author for this · Had William Wordsworth been a golfer, he would have written something like this about a golf ball ! · In My Hand, I Hold A Ball, · White and Dimpled, Rather Small. · Oh, How Bland It Does Appear, · This Harmless Looking Littl ...

1 year ago

A few rules for seniors and especially for those who golf

Royce Shook · 1. It is okay to talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice · 2. "ln Style" are the clothes that still fit. · 3. You don't need anger management. You need people to stop making you angry. · 4. Your people skills are just tine. It's your tolerance for idiots that n ...

2 years ago

Um... the ball is in the air

Graham🐝 Edwards · I suppose in a literal sense it would involve some heavy equipment, a relatively large crew, planning, co-ordination and enough time to make it happen, but in a figurative sense it seems “moving the goal posts” is comparatively simpler — at least it feels that way. · Moving the g ...

2 years ago

Golf tips

Royce Shook · I am on a golf theme for a while, because we are starting to plan our annual golf trip. My friends have for over the past 40 years have taken a week-long golf tourney and I am a relative newcomer to the trip as I only joined in 2002. The trip is a fun way to bond with friends and ...

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