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3 years ago

Who Can You Trust?

Jim Murray · The is part of my ongoing op/ed series entitled "Keep Your Eyes on Your Fuckin' Fries." The opinions expressed here are my own, because they are the only opinions I am entitled to express. Enjoy. · I belong to a small subculture that evolved out of a meeting that took place on th ...

5 years ago

Does Social Media Have a Future — Or Is It Just a Stepping Stone to the Next Big Thing

Jim Murray · Preface: Phil Friedman and I have been slamming out these posts since our days over in the Lumpy Kingdom of Microsoft Hamsters. This is our 21st post. Time flies when you are having fun. · To mark the occasion Phil had the idea to invite our fellow Beezers, Kevin Pashuk and Don K ...

5 years ago

The Beezers Hive Is Alive & Buzzing… Hit Us With Your Best Shots

Jim Murray · Many of us have migrated here to beBee, for various reasons, from The Lumpy Kingdom of The Mighty Hamsters aka LinkedIn. · There’s no reason to go into the specifics as that would use up this post and probably several more. · A lot of the people I was close to in The Lumpy Kingdo ...

5 years ago

Writers on the Waterfront - My meetup with the Beezers.

Kevin Pashuk · One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to find a great patio near the lake (or river) and join some good friends for some food, beverages, and stimulating conversation. · Being a raging Introvert, the stimulating conversation portion of the event is most important. In ...

5 years ago

A beginner's mind - lessons from the Beezers

don kerr · Yesterday was a day of learning.  · On the shores of the Credit River we gathered for the first time. Four people from different times and spaces. At first glance perhaps little in common and certainly no real familiarity apart from insights gained in a virtual world. · The photo ...

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