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4 years ago

You Can Avoid "Death by Meeting"

Kevin Pashuk · Sometimes you hear a story and you really want it to be true. · Even if there is no evidence to support it. · The thing is... the story is so good, you can use the principle without needing the facts. · This is one of those. · I can't verify whether or not this is true... but let ...

5 years ago

People who love sausage and respect the law...

Kevin Pashuk · ... should never watch either one being made. · This quote has been attributed to Ben Franklin, Otto Bismark, and a number of other sources.  Regardless of the source, I was reminded of the quote during a vacation trip to Washington DC. · We went for the museums and the history, ...

5 years ago

On losing a friend: old advice made new

don kerr · Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. · Ben Franklin (probably but he gets credit for lots of stuff that I'm not convinced he really said!)Today I lost a friend. · He was my mentor. · He was my guide. · He was my counsellor. · He was my reality check. · He was my br ...

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