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5 years ago

The Trusted Business Ally & What She Looks Like

Jim Murray · See this lady? Her name is Charlene Norman, and I have been working with her for the past year to develop both a consulting business and a number of other initiatives to support our Niagara region community. · Charlene has been to top of the corporate mountain in many different c ...

5 years ago

The Magic Formula For Just About Everything.

Jim Murray · A few years ago, my friend Robert Wright asked me to help him fine tune something he was working on. · Robert is a sales and marketing consultant and a really smart guy, and the stuff he was working on was organizing a series what he called buyer personas. · These were essenti ...

5 years ago

Pushing Through To The Next Level

Jim Murray · One of the most important things that happened recently, writing-wise, was that I reached a milestone in that I hit, by my count, my 1000th long format post. · I have never really done this for money, nor have a ever sought to. I do this because that’s what writers do, we write. ...

5 years ago

On Writing Less & Making It Worth More

Jim Murray · There was a time when the people I was connected to across a number of social media platforms kind of got used to seeing something longer format posts from me every day. · And I have to admit that for a while there it became a self-imposed obligation. But over the past several mo ...

6 years ago

A Newsletter You'll Definitely Want To Subscribe To

Jim Murray · About a month ago, Charlene Norman and I started a multi-media marketing program for Bullet Proof Consulting, our association. One of the key elements of this campaign was a newsletter in which we share some of our accumulated business and marketing wisdom, which is quite conside ...

6 years ago

Not Your Typical Friday But I'll Take It.

Jim Murray · Fridays, for me at least, are basically 'figure out next week' days. · But this Friday is a little different. I'm off to Oakville for a meeting with a client to discuss something that's as rare as hen's teeth in this business, which is their upcoming (in 2018) 100th anniversary ...

6 years ago

Hey Junk Bloggers...Shape Up Or Ship Out

Jim Murray · This is a post I wrote deep in the bowels of the winter of 2015 over in the Lumpy Kingdom Of The Not So Mighty Hamsters. It was shortly before I left for greener pastures or sweeter hives.  · The post itself is a bit of an indictment of crappy blogging, which was pretty much at e ...

6 years ago

OMG…I’m A Freaking Consultant

Jim Murray · Today, unlike a lot of other days in my life, I woke up with nothing on my mind. · It was the first time in a long time that this has been the case. Usually I wake up with all kinds of shit bubbling in my brain pan. And it’s really just a matter of applying the brakes and letting ...

6 years ago

10 Things I Know For Sure Right Now

Jim Murray · This post took 10 days to figure out from the time I got the idea for it. The idea came to me, of all times, when I was watching the poor people of Houston Texas, trying to make the best of a bag of shit that had been handed to them by Nature. · Specifically, some cameraman was t ...

6 years ago

The Truth About The Truth

Jim Murray · I like social media. · Over the years I have spent a lot of time here. Just fuckin’ around, mostly. But I found it a good outlet for my writing. · Every writer has their preferred media. Some write novels and screenplays. Some write greeting cards. To each his own. · Me? Well I ...

6 years ago

An Opinion on Digital Advertising

Jim Murray · I sometimes like to go back to stuff I wrote a couple of years back to see if it's still relevant today, And damned if I didn't hit one of the first try. · The digital marketing industry is under intense pressure these days because of issues surrounding fraud and it's kissing co ...

6 years ago

Sometimes It Takes A Flood

Jim Murray · We watched with the same unreal sense that we felt 12 years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Only this time it was a lot worse. · Houston, the city hardest hit by this latest epic storm with the benign almost comical name of Harvey, sunk nearly the entire city under an ...

6 years ago

Meeting My New Normal. Not At All The Same As The Old One

Jim Murray · This is the second installment in this series. You can read the first one at https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jim-murray/dispatches-from-the-quiet-side-of-the-lake-part-one · In the new place where I have lived since last December, the biggest adjustment I had to make was getting ...

6 years ago

Motivation…It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Jim Murray · You hear that Marathon/Sprint phrase bandied about a lot these days. But when it comes to motivation, it’s actually truer than you might think. · The world is filled to the brim with motivational speakers. They sell books, appear on talk shows, do live events, podcasts, individua ...

6 years ago

Growing A Small Business Is Really No Different Than Growing A Large One

Jim Murray · Back in the day, I had a client who fired me. I’ve probably had a few, but this one sticks in my mind because of the reason he explained to me for his decision. · He said that the stuff we were doing for him was making him uncomfortable because it was making him too successful. · ...

6 years ago

The Boomer Never Knows When It's Friday

Jim Murray · Today is, evidently Friday, but you would never know that if you were in the Boomers head. · He has been working 7 days a week for so long than he no longer keeps track of what day it is. In fact he is almost completely reliant on the Reminders program in his Mac to let him know ...

6 years ago

The Boomer Shrinks A Head

Jim Murray · The Boomer has a sister, who is also a boomer, with whom he is very close. · It wasn’t always that way though but mostly it was. When they were kids they fought like cats and dogs, but then how many siblings didn’t? · The Boomer’s sister recently lost her husband, who was a good ...

6 years ago

The Boomer In The Morning

Jim Murray · This is, or at the very least could be, the start of a new series of posts about the writer’s life. This writer in particular. Part of the reason for doing this is to wean myself off writing about American politics, which has become so absurd that it’s barely worth paying attenti ...

6 years ago

Why I’m Going To Start Following The Money And Not The Bullshit

Jim Murray · Last night, my partner Charlene Norman and I went to a networking event put on by Business Link Niagara, which is a business publishing company that owns one of the mags I hope to get published in soon. · It was held in the bar of a Boston Pizza restaurant on Lundy’s Lane in Niag ...

6 years ago

How To Figure Out If You're a Real Writer

Jim Murray · A lot of business coachy types will tell you that it's unhealthy to become obsessed with your work. They obviously aren't talking about writers. · Writers...I mean real writers, not just those people who have a job title called writer, or people who play around with writing for f ...

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