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2 months ago

Brand New Day

Jim Murray · Green Energy - Renewable Energy | Bullfrog Power · Bullfrog Power is Canada's leading green energy provider, offering renewable energy solutions for businesses and individuals across Canada. · https://bullfrogpower.com/

1 year ago

Volume 5: Paving With Plastics • Innovation In Scrap Metal Recycling

Jim Murray · Paving With Plastics · One thing there is no shortage of in the world is single use plastics…water bottles, juice bottles, detergents and fabric softeners, all kinds of other stuff in your refrigerator and laundry room, shopping and meat and produce bags in just about every groce ...

1 year ago

Volume 1. Bullfrog Power • Tesla vs Lucid Motors • Choice Quotes (Trends In Renewable Energy)

Jim Murray · Welcome to my newest blog series, Brand New Day. As the name implies I will be doing a lot of reporting, and sometimes opining, into the ideas that are starting to make the world go round in a much less destructive way. · The world as we currently know it is, for the most part po ...

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