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5 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this guy? He just resigned as governor of New York State amid allegations of sexual misconduct. He is doing the right thing under the circumstances. But one of the things we have seen over the years in cases like this is that there is always more to the story than meets the e ...

5 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this needle and this vial? They have been created to help rid the world of a plague that has already killed and adversely affected the lives of millions of people around the  world. · But there are a subset of people out there whose gullibility and ignorance has caused them t ...

1 year ago

The new Reality?

Royce Shook · In BC we have moved to stage 3 in our recovery model. This means that although travel, hotel stays and expanded social circles are encouraged they are not encouraged too much. We are between 60 and 65% for social interactions of what used to be the old normal. This does not mean ...

5 years ago

Lana Del Rey

Nick Mlatchkov · Lana Del Rey is a well-known nickname which isn't the case with her real name - Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, much like Elton John's at the time. She's also featured on a controversial SNL a few years ago, causing a clash of opinions for long ...

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