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4 years ago

How often do you reflect and remember?

don kerr · A few weeks ago Kate, many of our breast cancer community and I lost a remarkable person and friend Catherine Brunelle. · Since her death Kate and I have thought of her every day. There is no morbidity in our memories and daily reflection. There is though something remarkable tha ...

4 years ago

"This life has truly been a win." Catherine's last post.

don kerr · Very early on the morning of July 29, 2017 my friend Catherine wrote her last post. Later that day she was gone. Taken so goddamned early. · Kate and I met Catherine and her incredible husband Szolt early in our joint travels through the raging waters of breast cancer. She struck ...

4 years ago

Dating Advice: Men Aren't As Turned On By Horses As You Think.

Robert Cormack · “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away,”  Rolling Stones · Charger may be a great horse — but he’s a horse. The last time men got turned on by a woman with a horse was in Catherine the Great’s day. Contrary to what you’ve heard, she didn’t die under a horse. She died in bed. All that ...

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