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1 month ago

It’s a Mindset of Celebration!

John Whitehead · How do you recognize, reward, and celebrate your team? You? · It’s a mindset of celebration! This week’s vlog explores how you can do this on a regular basis. · Let me know what you think. · John K Whitehead & Associates coaches individuals and organizations in becoming more effe ...

2 months ago

Adult children and their parents end of life journey

Royce Shook · My Niece, who was in her early 50’s died almost two years ago, but the pain of her passing is still hard for the family. We were out to dinner with her Mom and Dad and their partners the other day. Because of COVID the Celebration of Life had been postponed and was held about two ...

7 months ago

Fear of the road not taken

Royce Shook · A friend of mine said that he had just attended his first online “Celebration of Life” a week after I had attended my first. COVID has taken many of our loved ones from us and we are learning new ways to celebrate them. I was thinking that when that someone special chose between ...

2 years ago

When death comes...

Royce Shook · A friend of mine is 81 and we were talking about health issues and I hope to be in as good a shape as he is when I am his age. Death is a fact of life that we do not talk about very much, except at a Celebration of Life event. I came across a poem which spoke to me and it was by ...

3 years ago

Facing Death

Royce Shook · I had just returned from a Celebration of Life for the wife of a friend, who had made the decision to undertake Physician-Assisted Suicide (legal in Canada) and was struck by the support her family had given her in that decision. My friend told me that at first, he resisted what ...

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