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1 year ago

Top Changes Happening in Canada’s Healthcare | Dr. Christopher Zed

Dr. Christopher Zed · The Canadian universal healthcare system is ranked the number one out of the most well-developed public health care systems in the world. This impressive top ten list includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Th ...

4 years ago

Changing Your Thinking As A Key To Business Growth

Jim Murray · This post was inspired by a project that we are currently involved in where the necessity of the business owner and her staff to change their thinking is going to be critical to their long term success. · An important part of the mantra and mission we have defined for ourselves ...

4 years ago

Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude

Royce Shook · My thanks to Ronni over at “As Time goes buy” for this idea. · Maybe we all think about how we have changed as we age. Jung and others believe that we go through a process of renewal as we face ageing, and I agree with that idea. · As we age, our interests, beliefs and conviction ...

5 years ago

Twitter: Big Changes are Coming. What I Think it Means

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Yesterday, Twitter announced significant changes. They started with Developers. That was nice of them since it gives us a chance to adjust everything we've done to the new realities. · Yes, I'm being facetious. · For more normal users, the changes will be less intrusive. They may ...

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