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3 years ago

The Feat of Feet

CityVP Manjit · The best pair of feet that Tottenham has right now is Tanguy Ndombele and it is the one we are not seeing. · We saw the promise of it when Ndombele scored on his debut but unlike the surprisingly good Steven Berwign debut, Ndombele has disappeared off the Tottenham radar. · He is ...

3 years ago

Football Without Spurs Fans

CityVP Manjit · Finally football has returned after the lock-down and it is a much welcomed return of live sport.  It feels strange watching matches with fake fan noise and stadiums devoid of fans.  It is exactly what Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho needed, as he went right back to the Mourinho ...

3 years ago

A Tiny Chink of Light

CityVP Manjit · The name Willian Borges da Silva may not be well known to people outside the world of football, but to Spurs fans in particular it is synonymous with a failure of imagination towards creating a championship winning side.  Seven years ago the people at Tottenham thought they had ...

3 years ago

Spurs Lacking Direction and Spirit of Creativity

CityVP Manjit · While the results have been good with the arrival of new Spurs boss Jose Mourinho, the games against Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea may portend that the winning start is more new manager bounce than it is the change Mourinho has brought to Spurs. · The frightening r ...

4 years ago

The Frustrated Fans of That Other Four

CityVP Manjit · In recent months Tottenham have reduced an 18 point lead down to a 3 point cushion.  At the same time the chasing pack for a Top Four place in the Premier League have not taken advantage of the sheer amount of Tottenham slip ups.  Arsenal have lost three straight games.  Chelsea ...

4 years ago

Lucky Liverpool

CityVP Manjit · Luck said Jose Mourinho is an essential ingredient in winning a title.  On any given week, the team driving for the championship will play below their best, or maybe the opposition was actually better than them and they rode their luck.  Liverpool have certainly rode their luck t ...

4 years ago

Switching Off

CityVP Manjit · The Southampton defeat should make Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino angry.  He will know that to compensate for the recent losses earlier today at Southampton and at Burnley a few weeks ago, Spurs now need to get results away at Manchester City and Liverpool, or hope that two of ...

4 years ago

Choking at the Bridge Again

CityVP Manjit · Chelsea fans could have expected a total team melt down at Stamford Bridge today after the crazy happenings with the shenanigans near the end of the League Cup Final last week against Manchester City.  This should have been a wobbly and broken Chelsea team that Spurs play today, ...

4 years ago

12 Dominoes from the Premier League Title

CityVP Manjit · Lately leading football pundits have had to inject a cavaet as they talk about whether Manchester City or Liverpool will lift the Premier league title this year.  That cavaet is an acknowledgement that Tottenham are "technically" still in the title hunt, though the thought of thi ...

5 years ago

Tottenham Revert To Their Reputation for Choking

CityVP Manjit · Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino has made Tottenham competitive over a short number of years but still has not eradicated their flair for failing on the big stage.  The irony this year is that Tottenham, due to ground redevelopment has been using Wembley Stadium as their home gr ...

6 years ago

Chelsea Show Off More Grinding Winners Mentality

CityVP Manjit · Tottenham were the better team, they did dominate the game and maybe they might feel that these were points lost, but teams can lose all those advantages if they don't have a winners mentality, and Spurs seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to the top teams.  Last ye ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 25

CityVP Manjit · Physical intelligence is not a superstition, it is a physicality and so it is that the third time I married my love of Tottenham Hotspur with going to the gym, that this was the third successive win.  I know others sports fan engage rituals as if engaging these rituals will have ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 24

CityVP Manjit · A brick is physical whereas a house made of bricks is only intelligent as the way we live inside and then we can talk of home as an intelligence.  The problem with a countup or countdown of days is that exercise begins to feel like a brick.  The intelligence is in the synapse of ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 21

CityVP Manjit · The good news is that this Day 21, but the wake up news is that there is 69 more days to go that I am committing to.  · The day started out with me trying to rush between activities and the good news was that I had to go and collect a refund of $30.  The wake up news is that no ...

6 years ago

To Dare is To Do

CityVP Manjit · "To Dare is to Do" is the motto of Tottenham Hotspur football club, originally noted in its latin " Audere est Facere.  This will be the theme at our Toastmasters club this week culminating in a Success Masters session on Saturday for students and alumni of Sheridan College. · Th ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 7

CityVP Manjit · Second time I have been on the treadmill to watch a Tottenham game, but this time it was empowering minutes after starting, whereas the last game was 87 minutes of frustration followed by 7 minutes of disbelief regarding Tottenham scoring 3 goals in five minutes at the end of the ...

6 years ago

Spurs Chase Chelsea as Others Lose Touch

CityVP Manjit · Games against teams like Middlesborough are one's teams with title aspirations need to learn to navigate. Earlier in the day Liverpool yet again came short of this aspiration as Hull City became yet another lower-table team to beat them. Middlesboro are another team with coaches ...

6 years ago

Mistakes and Melancholy at Manchester City

CityVP Manjit · Hugo Lloris did not cover himself in glory today and he looked more like the mistake prone  Heurelho Gomes, who finally ended up moving on to Watford.  Not once, but twice Lloris was at error, gifting Manchester City a 2-0 need.  The City boss Pep Guardiola was a man dancing on t ...

6 years ago

No 14th Win for Chelsea - Third Place for Tottenham

CityVP Manjit · As both teams entered the field, gladiator-like music accompanied both teams, this match was billed at a battle of Premier League Titans - the old masters vs the new young pretenders.  For Tottenham fans the years of false hopes could be on the verge of a real new epoch in the hi ...

6 years ago

Happy New Year Tottenham !

CityVP Manjit · Happiness is an action and not a hope and Watford today were absolutely hopeless, so no wonder by half-time the home fans looked glum, disillusioned and wondering why they paid the ticket price for entry.  For Tottenham fans it was another Christmas gift and what should constitut ...

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