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11 months ago

Me And My F**king Cold

Jim Murray · I actually didn't get a cold this year, (knock on wood). But I know lots of people who did. So this little blast from my past is dedicated to them. Poor babies. · Every fucking October, no matter how balmy the weather, how well I’ve taken care of myself or how effectively I have ...

1 year ago

Having A Cold During The Pandemic.

Robert Cormack · It ain't easy. · As anyone will tell you, colds aren’t allowed during pandemics. It’s like having acne during a smallpox outbreak. One innocent cough or sneeze can cause a stampede. I don’t mean just any stampede. I’m talking about the kind we saw when The Beatles came to America ...

5 years ago

There is always beauty or magic in the moment.

Royce Shook · Pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional. ― Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running · There is always beauty or magic in the moment. · As you watch the magic unfold around you, allow yourself to hear the  music of your soul. Allow the magic and the music to ...

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