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2 weeks ago

Signs That You Are Destined to be an Entrepreuner

Anna Macko · Some people believe they’re born to be entrepreneurs, while others see it as a skill that anyone can learn. Regardless of how you feel about entrepreneurship, these 12 signs indicate that you’re destined to become one. · You Keep Setting New Goals To Reach · Having a restless spi ...

2 months ago

Out Of Control

Jim Murray · This was actually written before the plague. A little on the metaphorically prophetic side, I guess.

1 year ago

New Years Resolutions 1

Royce Shook · Ken said in a comment yesterday do not ask him to do a New Year Resolution, because at his age, and I confess mine, they come in one year and out the other. · Why do we then create these Resolutions? · Here is one idea. Cognitive Science tells us that we create and to some extent ...

1 year ago

Hands of Control

CityVP Manjit · Ali Anani Phd posted an intriguing question which I first came across moments ago on LinkedIn · https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ali-anani-phd-15305319_beliefs-assumptions-ideas2inspire-activity-6652145291342471168-KZ8L · The premise of the post is shown below : · My first reaction ...

3 years ago

The New Leadership: Fear, Control, Manipulation

Jim Taggart · One of the more insightful leadership practitioners and authors is. She’s been around a long time in her field: some 52 years consulting and travelling globally. While she’s written several excellent books, her Leadership and the New Science is viewed as a landmark book. · In a 2 ...

3 years ago

Sex Ruins Everything!

Renée 🐝 Cormier · Sex ruins everything. It’s a weird thought that popped into my head recently. I find it weird because I like sex, and I typically speak very openly about sex. No, guys, this is not an invitation to send me dirty messages. Somewhere along the line sex became that thing most women ...

3 years ago

Managing stress and time

Royce Shook · Controlling stress and time is a worthwhile accomplishment that all must control in order to reach victory. Each day we awake, we begin by emphasizing our need to meet deadlines, demands grab our attention, and we stress over finding the balance to spend with our family, selves a ...

4 years ago

Emotional Bad Habits

Royce Shook · The question of whether moods constitute bad habits is an interesting one. · Many mood disorders have been identified. · These and other psychological problems are seen by some as strictly bad habits. · In fact, it has been shown that continuing to dwell in your present mood perp ...

4 years ago

"Stress!" The dynamics in a professional kitchen

Randall Burns · “…Fear is the mind killer…” ·   (Frank Herbert, “Dune”, excerpt from the “Litany against Fear”) ·  “The Dream” · “The sweat is pouring off of me, stinging my eyes, trickling down my back, the soaked polyester uniform I’m wearing is sticking to my skin; my ears are ringing, head i ...

5 years ago

Success in life does not come from pacification or avoidance

Royce Shook · When we achieve being loving with ourselves and others, life becomes the joy it is meant to be. Learning to love yourself starts with learning to be present in the moment, inside your body. It   also means trying to stay positive even when dealing with negative people.  · Success ...

5 years ago

They say they want "different", but do they really?

Graham🐝 Edwards · I heard someone say this the other day... "People say they want a different way of thinking and operating at work, but when it is offered up, it turns out they really don't".  · I have also experienced this first hand and want to ponder it for a while - At face value this simply ...

5 years ago

Choosing KAOS over CHAOS... a perspective. (REDUX)

Graham🐝 Edwards · Upfront, a little context for illustration purposes. · Imagine having the idea to downsize your current living arrangements and move to a much smaller space in the city... all for the experience and the adventure. Let us colour this tale with a short closing, frantic packing, mul ...

5 years ago

Control Freak Incorporated

CityVP Manjit · Control is at the core of the mindset of most organizations, for control is the primary or principal psyche of the ages which have led to the realization of this moment of time that at this juncture has reached the mid-point of 2016. · It is an unchallenged assumption which will ...

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