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5 months ago


Royce Shook · I was taking part in a one-on-one marketing survey, which I thought would be interesting to do. The young lady sat me down, I put on the special glasses I was to wear and then went and completed the task she asked me to do. When I had finished she said that I would have a number ...

1 year ago

Having A Cold During The Pandemic.

Robert Cormack · It ain't easy. · As anyone will tell you, colds aren’t allowed during pandemics. It’s like having acne during a smallpox outbreak. One innocent cough or sneeze can cause a stampede. I don’t mean just any stampede. I’m talking about the kind we saw when The Beatles came to America ...

1 year ago

When Business Leadership Fails during a Pandemic

Jim Taggart · Elderly people cowering in their cars, too scared to enter the grocery store because of the huge crowds of panicked shoppers who clean out many shelves, from cleaning products to toilet paper to non-perishable foods. · Individuals buying up cleaning products, only to turn around ...

3 years ago

Strategies to save money

Royce Shook · Retirement means you are living on a fixed income, yet it is a time in life we imagine we will embark on many adventures. We dream of the freedom to set our own schedule, travel, and pursue hobbies and passions. Retirement may mean finding ways to save money and stretch every dol ...

4 years ago

The Top 10 Things I Have To Do Today 'Cause It's Saturday

Jim Murray · It's Saturday here in the lovely little city of St Catharines. The rain, which fell over the last 30 hours or so has stopped. The sun is on its way out and promising to warm things up to at least 10˙ C. · We have just had almost the entire first floor of our house remodeled so I ...

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