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7 months ago

Striving for Commercial Excellence

Graham🐝 Edwards · Recently I listened to a marketing professional who offered a perspective on striving for marketing excellence (and I suppose commercial excellence by extension). I found it inspirational enough that I had this overwhelming desire to offer up a blog (something I haven’t been doin ...

3 years ago

Craft Fairs

Royce Shook · The Second you retire, you may be thinking about what can I do with my free time, perhaps turning your career into a money making activity could be something to think about. Baby boomers are a very creative people.  But so often the demands of career and raising a family leaves l ...

4 years ago

The Art of Being Patient With Yourself & Persistent With Your Craft

Jim Murray · There’s a passage that I just read in Bob Dylan’s outstanding autobiography, Chronicles Vol 1, where he talks about starting to write his own songs, which is not where he started his career as a musician and singer. He did, in fact, sing nothing but other people’s songs for the f ...

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