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8 months ago

The Sword Of Damocles, Limited Series Treatment

Jim Murray · NOTE: This is a political/character drama, not an action picture. A good thing to keep in mind when you are reading this treatment. It currently is in second draft script form, and runs 301 pages in length. It is sectioned into 3 acts of approximately 100 pages each. · The Sword ...

8 months ago

The Biggest Challenge We Face

Jim Murray · The single biggest challenge the world faces is the one that is being ignored, mis-managed, badly mangled, politically shunted aside or just plain fucked up by most of the countries in the world. · I’m talking about the environment. You remember that? The big issue before we all ...

8 months ago

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Much Lately

Jim Murray · Oeeth into an idea that I had while I was laying flat for 4 months in the hospital. · I guess you could call it a limited series. It’s now in its second draft stage and is a little over 300 pages in length. It tells a complete story about a clandestine operation by the US governm ...

4 years ago

How often do you reflect and remember?

don kerr · A few weeks ago Kate, many of our breast cancer community and I lost a remarkable person and friend Catherine Brunelle. · Since her death Kate and I have thought of her every day. There is no morbidity in our memories and daily reflection. There is though something remarkable tha ...

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