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2 months ago

The Friday Files 2021 - Part 4 The Nature Of Certainty

Jim Murray · There is uncertainty all around us. You don’t always feel it, and that’s a relief. If you did it would make you a paranoid and nobody really wants to live that way. · The uncertainly I feel around me comes from being a little too much with the world. Writers tend to be that way. ...

7 months ago

Why Isn't Your Advertising Working?

Robert Cormack · You're boring. · “I doubt if one campaign in a hundred has a good idea.” David Ogilvy · Way back in the dark ages of television, an engineer working for the Zenith Radio Corporation in Chicago created the mute button. Actually, his boss requested it. He was called “The Commander. ...

2 years ago

How 'The Newsroom' Can Help Teach You To Be A Better Marketer.

Jim Murray · I’m a big fan of TV drama and have been for a long time. Good dramas have long since replaced movies from where I sit, because most movies are aimed at getting 18-35 year old butts in seats and from my perspective, and mostly suck. · Good TV dramas on the other hand allow for muc ...

5 years ago

Ogilvy's 10 Quick Best Secrets to Better Writing

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · When David Ogilvy talks about business writing, I listen. He's an expert. No, he's THE Expert. He's the real-life Don Draper. · I will cheerfully listen to his advice.  · Ogilvy's wrote his famous hints in a memo on September 7, 1982.   · For all my Millenial Friends, back then, ...

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