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2 months ago

The farmer and his dog

Royce Shook · A farmer is in the middle of plowing his field when his tractor runs out of gas. · He needs to get back to the farm, but it’s too far for him and his dog, Old Joe, to walk. · He wanders out to the road and flags down a sports car. · The driver says, · “I’ll give you a ride, but t ...

3 years ago

Helping out

Royce Shook · Life is full of opportunities to help others. But we do not believe that we can change things, but we can. If you think back on your life, there isn't a moment in any day, when someone, somewhere, isn't better off because of something you've done. It is not the big things in life ...

5 years ago

Bits of Marketing Wisdom, Part 2: On Digital Advertising & On Content As A Driver Of Brand Experience

Jim Murray · This is the conclusion of a two-part series that serves as a bit of a followup to the post that @ Phil Friedman  and I did recently on Content Curation and Management.
 · We have slightly differing points of view on this subject. 
But the thing we both agreed on was that the ...

5 years ago


Graham🐝 Edwards · I will admit I was shaking my head a little as I reached the curb; although to be honest the whole situation was nothing more than a fleeting moment in a busy day... that was until a driver pulling way from the pedestrian crosswalk and shouted,  · "GOOD THING YOU LOOKED... YOU CO ...

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