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3 months ago

The Friday Files: 2021 Edition - Part 2

Jim Murray · Everything I Know About Getting Business · Now that things are coming back to whatever will pass for normal, I’m starting to see a lot of videos from people who want to teach other people all the ins and outs of getting business on LinkedIn and other social media sites. I’ve · l ...

3 months ago

The Friday Files 2021 Edition: Part 1

Jim Murray · The Friday Files was a feature I built into my blogging a few years back. It got shunted off onto a spur when I got sick and eventually went into the hospital for spinal surgery. · I have been out of the hospital and well on my way to as much of a recovery as I can honestly hope ...

11 months ago

2021 Rebot | Unified Global Networking Summit Dec.12th 2020 Online

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · Unified Global Networking Summit | 2021 Reboot | Edition 1 · We must rethink the way we work and live! · The pandemic has forced organizations to transform to compete. Work models are in flux, new endpoints are proliferating, data is under siege, consumer behavior is changing, an ...

5 years ago

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th Edition

Jim Murray · The Digital Sunday Paper Is a regular feature here on my blog. It’s got a little bit of everything in it, Including some of the opinions I have developed over the past week or so watching the world go by and going with it to some extent. · New Developments Section · Four Strong W ...

5 years ago

Welcome To The August 19th Edition

Jim Murray · • Netflix Top Pix- Halt & Catch Fire · • The Rio Olympics · • Spuditorial: The Loneliness of The Toronto Sports Fan · The Rio Olympics · OK so I don’t have a lot to say about this. We jumped around and caught all kinds of events. But the one that we followed the most closely was ...

5 years ago

Welcome To The August 12th Edition

Jim Murray · 1. Star Trek...the JJ Abrams Series   · 2. The Rio Olympics Week One. · 3. Spuditorial – The Trump Funeral Procession · Star Trek–The JJ Abrams Series · Over the years I have become a big fan of JJ Abrams. He has more energy than 1000 Energizer Bunnies and he really knows how t ...

5 years ago

Welcome To The August 5th Edition

Jim Murray · The Couch Potato Chronicles is a review column I started back at the end of the last century, as you can tell from the clip art constructed logo. It began as an emailed PDF, then became a Facebook feature, in a much shorter format, but since there were no cute kitty cat videos, p ...

5 years ago

The Ten Intelligences

CityVP Manjit · The Ten Intelligences is not the Ten Commandments.  This is not Moses coming down from the mountain with the word of G-d.  It is a product of emergence and playing with ideas on a board which represents the state of my mind as one likens a balance sheet being a state of accounts ...

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