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4 years ago

The Power of Education

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I am a strong believer in the power of education.  As a child, I saw first-hand how transforming an education can be. Most women of my mother’s generation would never dream of pursuing personal excellence beyond their kitchens, but my mother was different. She worried that if som ...

5 years ago

VP of Education Outcomes from 1st Exec Meeting

CityVP Manjit · My new role as the elected club VP of Education beginning 1st July 2016 is covered by two charters.  The charter of Toastmasters International and the charter of the Students Union, because our club is registered also under that constitution.  My role is to ensure that both chart ...

5 years ago


CityVP Manjit · Distance learning is this idea of learning far away from the physical locality of an education provider.  This conception of distance places the institution ahead of the student.  Otherwise the correct description for e-learning or any off-campus activity is "near learning".   · ...

5 years ago

Sport of Education

CityVP Manjit · Our campus clubs possess the college's varsity program.  It is an interesting choice of affiliation because varsity teams engage in competition and represent the sports program.  A Toastmasters program has academic qualities but it does share something very important with a sport ...

5 years ago

Accountability as an Education

CityVP Manjit · Daniel our Club President asked me my views on accountability.  At Toastmasters when we give a speech, all speeches are the opinion of the speaker.  When we give feedback all evaluations are the opinion of the evaluator.  Objectives are provided for speakers and if they adhere to ...

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