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2 years ago

Do You Know Who You Are? Part Three on Emotional Intelligence

Jim Taggart · Before launching into this post, take a few minutes and think of a few key learning experiences in your life. Then reflect on these three questions: · a) Were any of them work related? · b) Were they all (or mostly) related to real life experiences? · c) And did they contribute t ...

2 years ago

Are You Open to Outcome, and Not Attached to It? Emotional Intelligence, Part Two

Jim Taggart · In Part Two you’ll meet Daniel Goleman, to whom most people refer when speaking about emotional intelligence. (Click here to read the first part of the series on emotional intelligence). · As society evolves, as environmental pressures urge us to find creative solutions to climat ...

4 years ago

Physical Health & Emotional Intelligence

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Can our emotional intelligence have a measurable impact on our physical health? While not every aspect of emotional intelligence affects every aspect of physical health, studies have shown major overlaps between these two seemingly separate parts of our lives. · We are well aware ...

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