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1 year ago

The Role of Digital Entrepreneurs

Justin Shimoon · The role of digital entrepreneurs is changing in the post-pandemic world with more opportunities available to them. This means those that are interested in entrepreneurship will have more opportunities without the start-up costs that once might have prevented them from getting st ...

2 years ago

The Impact of Good Leadership on Employees

Sol Trickey · In the ongoing battle between managers and leaders, it can sometimes seem like the leader has more to offer in the way of boosting productivity. This is often attributed to the mindset that a leader instills in his team as opposed to the way a manager directs his subordinates. In ...

3 years ago

The Data Chain Gangs

CityVP Manjit · Abhijit Bhaduri is one of those LinkedIn writers who I wish was on bebee but failing that I can refer to the comment I made to one of his posts recently that dealt with a drawing based on his question " SHOULD EMPLOYEES HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN?  He does look at the nefari ...

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