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10 months ago

Time Passages

Royce Shook · We are still in the middle of the second wave of the Pandemic. Isolating is the norm and conversations with friends are done via phone, or by Facetime, or ZOOM. However, a vaccine is on the way, but until then, finding things to do that are interesting is becoming time-consuming, ...

1 year ago

Keep connected online

Royce Shook · Don’t let social-distancing become an impediment to cultivating important relationships in your life, particularly those with your children and grandchildren.  · ZOOMING in with family  · Sometimes a discussion is all that’s needed to support your whole family and to make you fee ...

1 year ago

How you can help in your community during this time.

Royce Shook · Food Bank Donations · Food Donations are down & Demand is up. The food bank needs canned meats, canned tuna & salmon, pork & beans, rice, & other non-perishable items--or better yet--Cash, as this is better for their buying power. · Donate Blood Our hospitals still need blood su ...

1 year ago

A Senior’s Guide to Stay Connected – Part 4

Royce Shook · The following are a collection of videos that were created by a number of producers, and they have been put together into one series because they are geared to the way the majority of seniors learn. · SERIES 4: OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS · Video Conferencing · How to Set Up Face ...

1 year ago

A Guide to Stay Connected for seniors–Part 2

Royce Shook · Sometimes the telephone is not enough, we need to see people. Seniors are aware of the importance of how to use social media to communicate as 90% of how we communicate and build relationships is through visual cues, not oral cues. Seniors should be able to use social media to en ...

4 years ago

In Praise Of The 3-D Social Media Experience

Jim Murray · “Our door is always open. Our house is safe. Coffee can be on in minutes, and a kitchen table is a place of peace and non-judgment. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It's no good suffering in silence. We have some food in the fridge but can order out, coffee in the cup ...

5 years ago

The Modern Student

CityVP Manjit · One of the great things about interacting with modern campus life is seeing what has changed on the 21st Century campus and what remains same as it ever was, as I paraphrase "Talking Heads".  · What has fundamentally changed is the impact of architecture and technology, both at ...

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